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The more and more a child is allowed to be with his friends in an open area he or she tends to develop a strong mental and physical health for this is essential for their growth and development... Read More


Play Time- The Best Time In A Child`s Life

Playgrounds and play time play a very crucial role in the growth and development of children. It has a greater impact on the mental, physical, cognitive and overall development in a child right from his or her childhood times. A need for a playground is a must in all communities and this will develop in children the attitude of being with others, co-operation, adjustment, resilience and this will open them up to a new world of different types of people with different behaviors and attitudes. Generally, playgrounds are found in school premises wherein children are allotted a specific time period for their play time and this is probably the best and active time during their school hours. You can get more ideas and options at

Research has proved and in fact recommends that every child should be given this time for play and fun which will make them fresh, rejuvenate them from inside as well as outside and it is the best mode of fun and relaxation. The present day education system is so very tightly packed that every child needs a break from the busy study sessions and hence making them have the privilege of playing around with friends would, in fact, make them happy, fresh and energetic. Nowadays to promote an environment for safe playing, every community has a park with many amenities and it also provides ample space and facilities for parents to get together with their friends productively. Such parks prove to be one of the best safe places for children to run around and play with their friends. Such parks need regular maintenance and should be well furnished with all play and fun activities and all these should be checked and approved every now and then that will assure the safety aspect in using them.

Impact of developing technology

Though many of us feel that the developing and improving technology has lots to offer the common man, little do we know about what small things it has snatched from us. Of course, there are big losses too like our healthy living styles and nutritious eating etc… This has not spared children too. But how? Let`s dive deep into how this technology has a greater impact on children.

In the present day world, the need and demand for more buildings and constructions are increasing day by day falling to ground many trees thus reducing the greenery of the country. Another way they do this is by occupying all the barren and empty lands which once served as playgrounds and open spaces for children to play and have fun. Now all these are acquired and converted into skyscrapers snatching away the freedom and rights of children to play and have fun with their friends. Cities are concentrating on bringing up many schools and educational systems that are enhanced to the international standards and these are being brought close to the residential areas too by building them inside a residential colony. But what about the very essential playgrounds and parks? This concept of open spaces for play is completely eliminated and children are deprived of their basic rights, freedom, and comforts.

Schools are also to be blamed for this for they burden children with homework and projects the whole day wherein they hardly find time to spend with their friends on the ground. Imagine a child`s life without games, activities, and friends? Will this not have a deeper impact on their mental and physical health? This refusal might cause severe troubles like obesity, behavioral disorders and pose a great threat to the social and creative development in a child.

Research has come out with astonishing results that the number of children falling prey to obesity is increasing each year and the main reason for this is the denial of games and gaming opportunities. So there is a dire importance and requirement for regular exercises and workouts in children which can be easily achieved by taking them to the parks and playgrounds where they get to play and have fun with their friends. Parents also play a very important role here because the ones that are denied in their school are to be taken care at home by the parents. And one very crucial thing that falls under this category is the play and the need for playing.

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