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The more and more a child is allowed to be with his friends in an open area he or she tends to develop a strong mental and physical health for this is essential for their growth and development. The only time they get to be with their friends, as well as play, is in the playgrounds which offer a very secured open space for them to play anything and everything they want.

Playgrounds and the need for play time plays a very important role in a child`s life. This is where he gets to learn the very basics of life like sharing, caring, co-operating etc… He gets to be in an environment with different types of people who are made to be his companions and this makes him understand people better. As he grows he gets to adjust and live with all types of situations and different types of people.

Playgrounds help in getting them some of their besties in life because this is where friendship blossoms and even now there are people in their 40`s and 50`s who still cherish and enjoy exchanging their childhood playtime memories with their pals. Schools should take efforts in making space and place for play areas and provide time in utilizing that open space usefully by allotting a separate time period for their play time. This privilege when given to them at the right age and right time would help to protect them from some common diseases and defects of the current era like autism and other physical and mental disorders. The major reason quoted by physicians for these problems is the lack of time and attention given to them. It is in those children that this problem plays its hands who are deprived of play, friends, and fun. So as parents, take the initiative of visiting the parks every day for the welfare and well-being of your children.